15 Year Old Haitian-Japanese Soccer Phenom Sends Gear to Haiti


BROOKLINE, USA – A 15 year old Haitian-Japanese soccer phenom, Zachary Herivaux, has donated his collection of soccer balls and shoes to less fortunate children in Haiti.

It started with a Facebook status posted by Edjoodelky Louis, director of the Hinche Haiti non-profit group, who requested from his fellow Haitian and American friends to help him collect athletic supplies for the Mayor of the City of Hinche. Many responses were received, one of the first, in particular, was in the first 20 minutes from Pedro Manny who asked Louis to give his son a call.

The arrangement was made over the phone by both parties to meet where Louis could pick up the balls. Edjoodelky was surprised to see that Pedro’s son was not any ordinary 15 year old with a hoard of soccer balls but a soccer player, from Brookline Massachussets one of the top 5 players in the world, under 17, ranked by Soccer Magazine.

Zachary Herivaux decided to give all of his soccer balls along with uniforms collected and cleats to the Haitian youth programs in Hinche.

The young footballer said of the gesture, “sometimes making an impact can really be as easy as giving what I have.”

Zach Herivaux Highlights

The young Herivaux is a 6’0″ freshman at Brookline High School and is plays for the number 2 ranked, Shalrie Joseph Lions, in the Premier League of the state. He is coached by his father Pedro Herivaux and has received honors, such as:

  • being named top 5 in the world by FourFourTwo Europe #1 Soccer Magazine, June 2011
  • winning the Golden Boot Award for most goals scored at the US Region 1 U13 Olympic Development Program (ODP) Identification Camp
  • scouted and discovered by Christiano Ronaldo, where he spent two weeks training with Sporting Club de Portugal
  • offered a spot in the U13 Sporting Academy team, Portugal

courtesy: defend.ht

2 thoughts on “15 Year Old Haitian-Japanese Soccer Phenom Sends Gear to Haiti

  1. It was nice of you to do so sending gear to the brothers.
    At 15 you making a name for your self and your parents country .
    I hope my daughter could follow your steps .She is playing for the ODP program also and play for a boy team.
    Keep up the good work .
    Good bless you .

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